January 03, 2008

Lunch with friends

To start the new year off the best way possible, I took my second day back to work off and spent a nice, leisurely lunch with friends from far away places at a delightful spot in Fullerton called Cafe Veronese. It is an old, historic home that has been turned into an art gallery/coffee house/garden. We were able to catch up, dish, divulge and relax all. Five hours after we arrived the last two of us left and below are some memories.
Mommy and me

Smiling Chrysanthemums

Full sized flowers

Wonderful gals

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  1. Did I miss out on this luncheon? I'm so sad if that is the case. Call me next time you guys are meeting for luch and I will see if I can get off work early. Alaska Air, it has a non stop direct flight right? :>)

  2. Yes, Alaska has direct flights. Come on down. I will drag you all over the place. I was actually thinking about getting everyone together in January for a post-holiday de-stress. Think you can make it? ;)

    And as of now, I am going to have an email sent to me when people (i.e.- you- I think you are the only one who reads this.) comment so I am not discovering them weeks later. Ha!