December 02, 2010

Couch potato dreaming

I have been hankering for new living room furniture for quite some time. I have always been fortunate enough to have furniture given to me, or bought at a low price but I have never owned anything new or that reflected my style. As most people are wont to do, I dream about decorating in a style that I truly enjoy and find aesthetically pleasing. Below, all but one I found on the website Custom Sofa Design. As you can tell, I'm not fond of big, fluffy, rolled arms, or prints. I'm not sure of the style, but I'd say a cross between traditional and Mid-Century? I have bookmarked three local (to the L.A./ Orange County area) shops that do semi-custom to custom sofas, and for not much more than buying at your local Macy's. If you are in the same area, check out these businesses.

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